Re-Elect Alfonzo Williams for Burke County Sheriff

Servant of, Safety for, Solutions with the PEOPLE.

It is with great enthusiasm and energy that I ask for your support for my candidacy for re-election to the Office of Sheriff in Burke County.  Since January 2017, I have had the distinct honor of serving a grateful and supportive citizenry with an amazing team of men and women who are dedicated to servanthood, safety, and solutions.  It is quite an honor and privilege and I desire to continue serving.  These are the reasons I announce my candidacy for re-election in the upcoming 2024 election. 

We have made monumental strides over the past two terms in office.
  • Namely, fear of crime and crime itself is down well below the state and national averages. 
  • We strengthened our community engagement through high-quality crime prevention and community-policing efforts.  We leveraged our partnerships and relationships with community stakeholders to create greater public trust and citizen satisfaction with local law enforcement.     
  • Our office saw substantial growth in the areas of higher learning and education and law enforcement training for our personnel.  In fact, 30% of our employees obtained college degrees during my administration.  Many more officers sought advanced training and certifications within the profession. 
  • We created greater value and respect amongst our personnel, which afforded them more autonomy and accountability.  In return, we were able to grow our influence and our service delivery to our community became excellent. 
  • We used technology and innovation, advanced data analytics, community involvement, and collaboration with other law enforcement agencies to keep the promises we made to you in 2016 and 2020 and we pledge to do the same in 2024.  That is, we will steadfastly commit to being a servant of the people, providing safety for the people, and finding common sense solutions with the people of Burke County. 

We are a respected sheriff’s office and we are called upon by other law enforcement agencies across the country to provide expertise, training, safety, and service.  Our social media footprint is expansive and gives credence to our accessibility, engagement, and commitment to service.  In the current climate of our profession, you need leadership that is right, fair, just, and equitable.  Daily in our office, I espouse these four words and they serve as the guiding principles of our leadership. 

We have faced some challenges and we are stronger because of them!  We are intentional about service, safety, and solutions and we need your help to continue building upon the solid foundation we have laid. 

When re-elected, Sheriff Alfonzo Williams expects to continue the following:


  1. Providing resources for our families and children as we fight the addictions to opioids and other dangerous drugs
  2. Gang affiliation
  3. Negative effects of social media
  4. Cyber security threats
  5. Mental health vulnerabilities
  6. Recruiting/hiring/training/retention in law enforcement
  7. Police accountability to the community
  8.  Officer health and wellness
  9. Law enforcement’s contributions to a vibrant and sustained economy
  10. Police data/technology  

Your prayers, support, friendship, and advice have been welcome and appreciated.  You have treated well my family and me.  We are forever grateful to you and we love you.  Cooperatively, we have achieved many successes.  We are better together.  We have more work to do.  Let’s get it done together. 

Re-Elect Sheriff Alfonzo Williams 2024!


Alfonzo Williams, M.Ed., M.CJA
Burke County Sheriff


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On May 21, 2024, Re-Elect Alfonzo Williams
for Burke County Sheriff

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